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Enterprise Search

I've been supporting this project for most of my career at Boeing. In 2015, we'll be releasing a refined version of our enterprise-wide search platform. All of our user testing has come back with great feedback in regards to the user experience. It reminds me how important the user is in the ebb and flow of designing products. I'm quite happy with Google's Material design language and how it reflects the simplicity of the product.

Our new focus is looking at opportunities for context-based integrations. Think Google Now cards. But on an enterprise level. Need to clock your time? Check your vacation or sick days? Maybe you want to see your upcoming meetings. Whatever it is, I believe this is a natural extension for our internal apps to integrate with in the evolution of our search platform that's used by over 100k users per week.

HUGE shout-out to  David Baughman  for his tenure on the team. He set our foundational roadmap along with building a dynamic team always striving to build better products.
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