Project Details


What is Deliveries anyway?

Deliveries is a mobile application, for Windows 8 devices, that affords Airline Representatives and Customer Coordinators the ability to walk through a new airplane before final acceptance of the impossible flying machine. Currently, Customer Coordinators document their work with paper and pen, and I'm just glad I helped move these users into the 21st century.

My role.

I was part of a 4 person team as this was an experimental project to see if an in-house dev team could build something quicker, of higher quality, and under budget than the standard outsourcing process. I worked on the app alongside a really talented dev team. I was responsible for the color palette, typography, iconography, images, user-flow, as well as the overall look and feel of the Deliveries branding.

Doc-It's Line-Hub Page

The Line-Hub, this is where all your new airplanes live. Waiting for you to assign customer defects.

Doc-It's Line-Item Creation Page

The airplane creation page. If only it was this easy to create a real airplane. ¯\_ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ_/¯

Doc-It's Customer Item Defect Page

Here you actually create and track a defect to go into a central repository for a maintenance technician to expedite.

Doc-It's Location Pinpointer

Airplanes are big. Especially the new 787. With a 2D diagram of the aircraft, pinpointing the location of defects are a cakewalk.

The End